Training & Development

Education and training have always been our first priority. We have offered scholarships and free books to students coming from low income family. Our foundation has also contributed in delivering education and teaching programs for students in nearby towns. Training programs for weavers and artisans has also been organized by our team and along with this we have also worked upon eradicating child labor from our society.


  • Scholarship program at below poverty line students.
  • Afghan Weavers and Artisans Entrepreneurs visit and cross learning program
  • Br International school at Valsad, Dharampur, Gujarat

World of Imagination

Yoga and exposure visit is an art where Saraswatii global staff explore their world of imagination, they discover their inherit talent and build their more confidence and self-belief within them. The activity was conducted with the staffs which was facilitated by the resource person and the facilitator could easily connect with the staff through exciting ice breaking exercises. It was remarkable to see the way facilitator gradually took over the activity. There was no spoon feeding instead Saraswatii staffs at their own pace were working upon their skills. It helped and staffs develop confidence and get relaxed by their busy schedule. The staffs were working upon their team spirit, coordination, building up self-confidence and also mixing up with different personalities. The facilitator quiet tactfully engaged the staffs in a manner that one could see the team working together. It was not a single mind working out but so many minds were brainstorming with one another to bring the best possible act. Important was the feeling of satisfaction that the staff felt at the end of the session which was seen in their beautiful smiles.

The Art of Living Happiness Program

Under staff welfare and well-being venture SGPL Management took the decision to call expertise to train its staff on Art of Living ‘’ Happy Program” There were 40 staff members who showed their willingness to join the program for 5 days and lastly 35 of them joined and actively participated whole-heartedly in the program. 100% commitment for participation was ensured from each member at the initial stage of the program. During the event we learnt about the practical tools like SudarshanKriya and easiest way to release our stress and increase your concentration through meditation and bring out your fullest potential about program--Art of living Happiness program is a unique and profound breathing technique. Learnt and experienced SudarshanKriya - which restores body, mind and spirit into its natural rhythm learnt SudarshanKriya and other powerful breathing techniques, yoga and meditation taught in the interactive sessions of the Happiness Program.

Objective of the Program –

  • To train our team member’s in art of living principle to bring their 100% to work & daily life.
  • To increase their focus (concentration) peace of mind and reduce negativity
  • Team building