Who We Are

The Saraswatii Foundation is a grass-roots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on aiding, educating, and empowering the artisans.

What We Do

As a practical application of the best that mankind can offer one another, the Saraswatii Foundation works toward a harmonious tomorrow, filled with hope, passion, and empathy.


Our every artisan an opportunity to work in a different way and making them their own entrepreneur, Artisans are gaining confidence, social values and so many skills which will carry them further in life.

We at The Saraswatii Foundation believe in creating better lives for the one’s around us. It’s not about helping an individual once instead to empower him/her for a lifetime. The aim is to help people live a life of dignity.
Eyes to sparkle..... Faces to smile..... Hearts to laugh.....